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Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery

Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery

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Custom Orthotics

What is a Custom Made Orthotic?

Custom-made orthotic devices are used to treat heel pain, plantar fasciitis, ball of foot pain, ankle type pain and lower leg and knee pain by controlling abnormal foot function. They are made from a computer scan of your feet with the foot in a non-weight-bearing position, this captures the arch perfectly they are made from a flexible plastic which is resilient thus can be used for sports and are very comfortable, most other doctor’s make them  from a very hard non-flexible material. These are very uncomfortable and patient’s really have a hard time wearing them. The flexibly is the key to get a great fit. Most type of commercial supports ie GoodFeet™, Ideal Feet™ or Hanger type arch supports are made from stepping into a foam box a less than desirable fit.

Doctor Fitting a Custom Orthotic

Orthotics can be made for both sport and dress type shoes. Sometimes with dress orthotics, to get a proper fit, we ask you for a pair of shoes to send with the cast. Orthotics are flexible and can be made to be full length within the shoe with padding. We rarely make rigid orthotics because they are hard to wear and can hurt the feet.We have offices in Overland Park, Kansas and Kansas City north.

Doctor adapts insole to foot shape

What problems can orthotics help?

Custom orthotics can be used to treat a wide range of problems.It successfully treat’s heel pain, plantar fasciitis, metatarsal pain, ankle pain and function and general lower leg pain, knee pain and  lower extremity  fatigue. They help many times with  lower back pain by maintaining correct foot function and shock absorption in the heel area.

Orthotics can benefit the following:

Why choose our orthotics?

  1. Dr. Bembynista makes the diagnose and we help you choose the correct type of orthotic.
  2. We provide custom fabrication of orthotics, they are hand made thus a personal and individual custom fit 
  3. We’ll give you fast turn around time – 2 weeks.
  4. You will get the type of orthotic that is best for you, i.e., flexible sport type or dress type for high heel or dress type shoes.
  5. Our custom made orthotics are made from a computer scan of your feet and are hand made ,most are pre-form ie GoodFeet™.

Dr. Bembynista’s Orthotics

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