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Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery

Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery

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The Lapiplasty 3D bunion surgery is a recently developed type of surgery for the most severe of all bunion deformities. When we address bunion deformities, we must look has x-rays the determined the severity of the deformity by the alignment, in this case they malalignment of the first and second metatarsal bone. The alignment is important to determine because the apex of the deformity is where the correction needs to occur. When the bunion deformity is severe there may be also a problem behind the first metatarsal bone where it connects to the cuneiform bones, many times there is excessive motion at the cuneiform bones this may have to be addressed also at the time of the Lapiplasty procedure.

Foot with bunion on it

The Lapiplasty procedure allows for early weight-bearing in a camwalker. Even though this is an advancement over other bunion correction for severe type a patient must still follow instructions to have an excellent result.

The process that occurs is the patient is seen in the office we take an x-ray and evaluate the patient we then determine the appropriate surgical procedure explaining to them how it is performed. We use digital x-rays to produce a paper copy and draw the procedure on the X-ray and review with a video the Lapiplasty procedure. Review the sedation an outpatient postoperative requirements and instructions for the patient to follow. I review with the patient that I will call them that evening to review any questions or concerns. Follow up for suture removal is within 2 weeks. The incision is closed with subcuticular closure with steri-strips minimizing any scar formation. It’s important to understand need for early range of motion to return to full normal activities. Custom-made Orthotics are sometimes necessary post-surgical to assist the patient.

The Lapiplasty is an excellent procedure when indicated for a severe bunion with a flexible foot and hypermobility. The hypermobility is the reason post surgically Orthotics are sometimes necessary. Sometimes other concurrent problems occur like hammertoes or Tailor’s bunions which can be addressed at the same time 4 correction.

If severe bunion problems are causing pain, we can help our offices are Overland Park or Barry Road location.

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