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Nail Fungus

FDA-Cleared Laser for Treatment of Nail Fungus

Dr. Thomas Bembynista has been in practice for 32 years. He is the former luminary podiatrist for Sciton ClearSense laser. During this time he spoke across the country and developed webinars for the treatment of nail fungus that are viewed across the world. He is currently a Diplomat with the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.

Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

Nail fungus has been difficult to successfully treat. Until recently the only options were topical or oral medication, each with limited benefit and potential side effects such as liver damage. However the new laser treatment has shown to be both safe and effective.

Laser nail fungus treatment before - After

Laser nail fungus treatment before - After

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment FAQs

How effective is the Laser procedure?

Current studies show benefit in 80% to 88% of nails. It does take a few months to start seeing healthy nail growth. The laser has received FDA clearance for treatment of nail fungus.

How does the Laser work?

The laser works by emitting a laser light near the infrared spectrum, which produces heat that penetrates the nail and surrounding tissue. This causes the nail fungus to die. The treatment takes less than 20 minutes. There is normally no pain but there is sometimes a warm or tingling sensation. It typically takes two to three months to notice clearing of the nail and full improvement may take six to twelve months—which is the typical full growth cycle period for the nail.

What do I do to get my nails ready for treatment?

You will need to remove all polish and lotions from the nail bed area the day before treatment. In addition, we may need to trim the nail before treatment, but we will take care of that if necessary.

What is the care after Laser treatment?

There is no need to take time off work or activities. You can polish the nails or get a pedicure immediately after treatment. However, you will need to spray all of your shoes with an anti-fungal spray to reduce the possibility of re-infection.

How much does Laser Treatment cost?

The cost is $600 for one foot and $1000 for both. This includes all laser treatments for up to twelve months. The nails are normally treated once a month for the first four months, and every two months thereafter for the remaining time. If additional treatments or increased frequency of treatments are needed Dr. Bembynista will review the options with you.

Nail Fungus Treatments