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Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery

Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery

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Peripheral Neuropathy – Neuropathy Pain Treatment Doctor – Kansas City Missouri

Do you have any or all the following problems?

  • trouble sleeping because of pain and burning in your feet?
  • trouble walking because of pain and burning in your feet?
  • have you tried various methods to alleviate the discomfort without success?

The cause of the problems is Peripheral Neuropathy, a disease that causes pain that often prevents people from sleeping soundly at night. Additional symptoms are numbness and a loss of proprioception which is the inability of the sufferer to know where their foot is striking. Peripheral Neuropathy can be brought on by diabetes, drug-related reactions, chemotherapy and some forms of trauma. Whichever way someone acquires Peripheral Neuropathy, it can become a debilitating experience for those who are forced to endure this illness.

I have seen many of my patients doing their best to seek out treatments that would diminish or stop the consistent discomfort. Traditional treatments such as Gabapentin have many side effects and have limited benefits. Something that has been successful in many studies is the use of cold laser. This cutting- edge application revascularizes the tissue, increases blood supply and helps the body repair the damaged nerve. The pain, numbness and lack of feeling should dissipate as circulation is restored.

Although I have been in practice for 38 years, I am still excited about new breakthroughs for stubborn problems. Our office is focusing on advanced techniques of treatment with cold laser while considering this as a total body treatment. I have used this on a number my current patients, and they have all reported greater function during the day and decreased pain at night.

This treatment for traditional insurance and Medicare is a non-covered service, the cost for a six- week treatment is $1,200. We will go over your medical history making sure that you have adequate blood supply and are not suffering from a vitamin deficiency. After correcting any optional issues, the patient will be set up with a course of treatments twice weekly for six weeks lasting about thirty minutes each visit.

Neuropathy treatment in Kansas City

Peripheral Neuropathy is a complex problem and can be difficult to treat. We promise to give you the best Neuropathy treatment in Kansas City for your problem and leave no stone unturned to get excellent results for you!

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