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Bunion Surgery - Turf Toe - Hallux Limitus

What Types of Surgeries are there for Bunions?

A common type of bunion that is misunderstood is called hallux limitus. We commonly called this a dorsal bunion; patient also understand this under the word turf toe. It is a chronic jamming of the big toe on to the first metatarsal which causes a spur on top of the Bone & and limitation of motion and a stiff toe. This limitation can be so much the total is totally stiff the spur on top can cause pain in the shoes and activities. Many times, there is a bone chip present within the joint causing significant pain. An x-ray shows a large spur around the joint and possible bone chips we use digital X-rays and are able to print these on a piece of paper so you have a copy of them, and we can view those with you.

When we look at treatment there are times there is significant capsulitis and or bursitis within the joint the function and structure of the foot contributes to the problem. We can use injections to reduce the inflammation which is given just underneath the skin with a cold spray to minimize any discomfort and we can consider the use of an orthotic to change the function and position of the bunion. Many times, this can significantly help reduce the discomfort not all hallux Limitus deformities need surgery it is strictly based upon your symptoms.

Hallux Limitus

Surgery for hallux Limitus is varied and determined by the severity of the problem the simplest treatment is to remove the bone spurring in any bone chips and work aggressively for range of motion down time is very limited. These procedures are done on an outpatient basis with a light Twilight sedation and the foot is numb after you are sedated. More aggressive procedures for type of bunion are an artificial joint and fusion of the joint, with 37 years of experience those are used rarely because they have significant complications and limits. The simple removal of the enlargement has very good success to get rid of pain and discomfort. When surgery is performed, I call after surgery that you need to make sure you're doing well to review any instructions or questions. If you have any problems, you can contact me. Early range of motion is important and recommended to start suing after surgery oh, you are instructed on how to correctly change the bandage. You are followed up in the office a few weeks later for suture removal. Returning to shoes can occur relatively quickly within a few weeks based upon swelling you can walk on this after surgery right away. Patients are given proper post-surgical pain medication to minimize in discomfort.

If this is a problem, you have we can evaluate and treat this in the offices. We have offices in Overland Park at College and Antioch in the Bank of America building and North of the river at Barry Rd and Green Hills.

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