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Advanced Treatment for Nail Fungus - Lunula Laser

How Lunula Laser Works Video


The Lunula laser is a laser therapy that offers multiple benefits. It combines the antifungal effects of the 405-wavelength laser and the regenerative outcomes of the 635-wavelength laser it is FDA cleared for treatment of toenail fungus.

Treatments take between 12 and 24 minutes, initially treatments are once-weekly for 4 weeks and then are followed up at 90 and 180 days. The studies show a success rate is near 90%. It's important to understand that it takes time for the nail to grow totally out, so Improvement is noticed over the first few months it continually gets better. Nail fungus is also called onychomycosis its a clinical diagnosis and impression, fungal cultures could be used but they have many false negatives, this means that potentially a person has all the signs and symptoms of nail fungus but culture but not produce significant traces for a positive test. This can occur and up to 40 to 50% of the cases. Normally no nail debridement is necessary except in cases where the nail is extremely to deformed, in those cases debridement or possible avulsion or removal of the nail is necessary it will regrow from the beginning. Topical antifungal treatments over the counter aren’t very successful in cure and the use of Doctor prescribed drugs can cause liver damage and interact with other medications. Patients with onychomycosis (nail fungus) may also a topical fungal infection which is athletes foot of there skin. Lunula Laser&#reg;

What does the patient have to do after Laser Fungus Treatment?

The patient commitments the treatment plan, its important that people thoroughly clean showers with antimicrobial soap as they start laser treatment this should kill any fungal infection that’s there. It's important also for patients to use Kerasal which is like a nail rejuvenator which we can generally think of as a vitamin for the nail. It's important also to use an antifungal spray in your shoes reduces fungus that might be present. This should be continued during the first month of treatment especially. It's important also if you going to get a pedicure to go to a reputable nail salon or Spa. It's important to bring your own nail polish remover and nail polish because fungus could be present in what day use currently on other people.

Before using the Lunula cold laser I used a laser type that produce heat has the agent to kill off the nail fungus. With this laser type there was always a concern of damage from heat production in patients with diabetes, peripheral vascular disease or neuropathy could not be treated. But with the Lunula laser being a cold laser no risk and treating this patient types is there. Also, with the use of the hot laser It produced possibly a plume its a foul-smelling odor from the nail which contained potentially fungus. The plume also possibly contains contaminants from nail polish and nail removal products also.

Why is the Lunula Laser cutting edge treatment?

To conclude we will talk about some of the benefits of the Lunula laser, it uses a proprietary rotatingline generated laser beam light. It is safe with no side effects and is painless and a great solution for nail fungus. The lower wavelength lasers have great antimicrobial and antifungal effects as the wavelength which is decreased has increased power this enhances the eradication of the Infectious agents.

How Lunula Laser Works Video
How Lunula Laser Works Video


Lunula Laser Demonstration Video
Lunula Laser Demonstation Video

The advantages of this wavelength are great all patients can be treated even those with peripheral vascular disease, diabetes and neuropathy type symptoms. There is no interference or interaction with any systemic medication. There is no chance of liver toxicity or need liver testing. There is no pain during treatment. Compliance is high since appointments are set up in advance through the first 4-week treatment program and then the patient can have flexibility of appointment scheduling at the follow-up appointments at 90 and 180 days. The cost for all treatments is $1000.00. If nail fungus is your problem, I believe that we can give you the best chance of success for this problem. We have offices in overland park and Kansas city north.

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