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Advanced Cutting Edge Lunula Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

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Advanced Cutting Edge Lunula Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

Why do i get Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus is a very common problem its medically called onychomycosis. Some people are more susceptible to it as with many other medical problems. It starts with a slight yellowing and thickening of the toenails. It progresses to a nail that is difficult to cut. Many times, it is also painful from the pressure of the shoes and there seems to be a lot of dead skin around the nail. Toenail fungus can be present on both feet but also many cases people will have it on only the big toe of one foot, so the fungus doesn't always affect all the nails. The fungal infections can be caused by athlete 's foot by using antifungal spray's the topical skin fungus is reduced.

Treating nail fungus is very difficult,cure is even more difficult because the fungal infection is in the root of the nail. You must be diligent and realize that it can take many months for improvement and total regrowth of the nail to normal. Remedies that can be used are over-the-counter topical products and medications and natural or alternative treatment's including tea tree oil, many of these medicines will make the nail look better and there will be some general Improvement, the problem is the fungus is in the root of the nail underneath the skin so typical OTC treatments have limited success including Vicks vapor rub and soaking in vinegar. Health tips to reduce nail fungus can be as simple as keeping your feet dry as possible and always wearing shoes in public area's like at pool's and health club's.

What are some medical treatment's for Nail Fungus?

Once you see a podiatrist the treatments can be multiple in nature. Generally, treatments include topical prescription medication, oral medication and advanced treatment with laserization of the nail.

Topical prescription treatment has a low success around 10 to 15% the problem with success is the medication has difficulty getting into the growth center of the nail where the fungus is present. Secondly there is a compliance Factor treatment needs to continue for a minimum of nine to 12 months through the growth cycle of the nail. The patient must be extremely diligent, and the nail polish cannot be used during treatment . Nail fungal infection's can also be treated with oral medication the success with treatment is around 50%, again the problem is compliance and also possible risk to your liver from the medication. People taking cholesterol medication cannot use this oral medication. If this treatment is considered liver profile tests are done every 3 months with treatment with the oral medication for 7 days each month. Treatment will need to continue for 9 to 12 months for the growth cycle of the nail, because the medication only affects the root of the nail but not the end of the nail for fungus is still present so if you stop it early the nail fungus is still present within the nail. Sometimes the nail fungus is so severe in the deforms the nail we must consider nail removal or permanent removal of the nail. From experience when the nail is this severe no treatments are generally successful. Patients with this degree of nail fungus generally have pain which is significant and have the inability to cut the nails, so removal is highly successful, and patients are generally very pleased with the result.

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How does the Lunula Laser treat Nail Fungus?

One of the best current available treatments is to use Advanced laser treatment to kill the nail fungus. We used the most advanced cold laser called the. LUNULA laser it uses 2 wavelength of laser that is shown by studies to have a success around 89%, it is non painful. There is no risk with the treatments. I have been doing laser treatment on nail fungus for 10 years we previously used the most advanced treatments which was a form of a hot laser to kill the fungus buy heat production. Successful but time consuming and produces pain from the Heat. The new Lunula laser is a game changer. It is safe and patient's with diabetes can be effective treated. Treatments once a week for 4 weeks these treatments are between 12 24 minutes, it does take a few months to start noticing changes to the nail and Improvement. We follow up treatments have 90 and 180 days after the last treatment. I will see you both at the 90- and 180-day treatments to evaluate your progress and to review any instructions.

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