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Bunion Treatment

A bunion is an enlargement of the bone at the base of the big toe, and it can occur on both feet. The problem is progressive and can get worse the longer treatment is avoided. This condition normally gets worse with age, and it is commonly very painful.

Bunions can be made worse depending on the type of shoe worn on the foot. Extremely tight fitting shoes can exacerbate the problem. In addition pointed heel shoes and high heels can also make bunions worse.

If treated early, bunions can usually be dealt with without surgery. This is usually done with possibly a custom orthotic in the shoe. In addition, oral anti-inflammatory or topical cream can treat the joint pain associated with bunions. The pain can also be treated with injections at the joint site.

If pain is not improved through non-surgical means, then surgery is necessary. A bunionectomy is a removal of the bunion enlargement and a correction of the big toe deviation through a cut in the bone, which is stabilized with an implanted screw.